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Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment visited private environmental monitoring agency

Date:2020/4/25 Publisher:admin

On the afternoon of March 5, Cheng Peng, Secretary of the Party Group of Shanghai Eco-Environmental Bureau, and Deputy Director Luo Hailin led the relevant departments and units to visit Simple Testing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to investigate the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the resumption of production. Yu Mei, director of the Minhang District Ecological Environment Bureau, accompanied the investigation.

Cheng Peng and his party came to the Zhongchun Road laboratory for simple testing, inspected the epidemic prevention and control measures and the resumption of production, and visited the operation of the dioxin laboratory, organic and heavy metal laboratory, soil sample preparation room, etc. Afterwards, they conducted in-depth exchanges with Yang Jin, chairman of Simple Testing and their management team, on the main methods and difficulties faced by enterprises during the epidemic and the resumption of production, and the development direction of monitoring business, etc., and centered on the requirements for improving the monitoring capabilities of the modern environmental governance system Hot topics such as strengthening the leadership of party building in private enterprises were discussed.

Cheng Peng fully affirmed the measures and effectiveness of the simple testing in the fight against the epidemic, and embodies the corporate social responsibility and responsibility. He emphasized that the current vigilance against the epidemic situation cannot be reduced, and the requirements for prevention and control cannot be reduced. It is necessary to continue to care for employees and speed up the resumption of production while ensuring that protective measures are in place.

Cheng Peng pointed out that during the period when the current epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve and the production and living order is speeding up, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Building a Modern Environmental Governance System", which clearly requires strengthening monitoring Capacity building, constantly improve the ecological environment monitoring technology system, comprehensively improve the level of monitoring automation, standardization, and informatization, and ensure that the monitoring data is "true, accurate, and complete." As a "specialized and special" small and medium-sized enterprise featuring soil and groundwater testing, simple testing should seize the opportunity, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and further enhance monitoring capabilities.

Cheng Peng said that he hopes that Simple Testing will continue to strengthen the party building work of non-public ownership enterprises, lead the corporate culture with party building, encourage party spirit and unite the people through party building, and deploy and promote party building work and business work together to achieve a high degree of unification and deep integration. At the same time, strengthen the joint construction work with the local party construction and build a new type of "pro" and "clear" political and commercial relations.

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