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Shanghai Nuoyu Testing Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the whole supply chain of R&D, design, production, sales and service of analytical instruments. It is committed to providing reliable analytical instruments for environmental quality monitoring, pollution source monitoring, municipal environmental protection, industrial field control and other fields. Products and reliable test data.

Nuoyu gathers user needs, builds a full range of product lines, overall solutions, localized technical services and systematic application training, covering all fields of analysis. It has a core technology system with completely independent property rights, a leading R&D concept, a scientific manufacturing process and an international supply chain network.

Based on its own innovation power, integrating industry ecological capabilities, absorbing domestic and foreign technologies, forming a unique product performance, service content and data quality superimposed advantage, carrying forward the professionalism, guiding users to create new application scenarios, leading instrumentation intelligence and green Future trends will bring more incremental value to the market and serve a sustainable world.

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